Heronswood container gardening tips for designing and planting attractive and healthy arrangements.

  • Select a container to match the number and size of plants that will fill your pot.
  • Provide each plant the culture it needs to grow well, and mix together plants that require the same growing conditions.
  • For a strong focal point, use the plant that will grow the biggest or has the most interesting and dominant features. Example: Echinacea, Lavatera & Caryopteris.
  • Use upright plants with finer, softer habits as your fillers. Example: Grasses, Perovskia.
  • Edge the planter with low growing, dense and bushy, or arching plants. Example: Coreopsis & Salvia.
  • Some plants are attractive grown separately in individual pots. Example: Eucomis.
  • Groom the plants regularly to keep the planters attractive and healthy through the season.
  • Keep water off the top growth. Water along the base of the plants, around the rim of the pot. Water thoroughly each time you water.