Beat the heat in your summer garden with these tips from Heronswood:

Select drought-tolerant plants.
Once established, drought-tolerant plants can withstand dryness and heat better than other plants. Some of the best plants in extreme weather are ornamental grasses like Sporobolus; daisies such as Asters, Shasta Daisies and Coneflowers; natives such as Lonicera and Monarda, and thick-leafed plants such as Sedum and Kniphofia.

Water your plants thoroughly and regularly.
Make sure the roots get a deep soak each time plants are watered. Water should percolate deep into the subsoil, since plants struggle to absorb water fast enough to keep from wilting in hot weather. Watering lightly will keep roots from growing deep enough into the subsoil. Plants may need to be watered routinely once or twice a week until roots get established.

Mulch to help keep plants cool and moist.
Wind has a drying effect on plants, especially when newly planted. Plan your garden such that more sensitive plants are protected from drying winds and direct hot sun. Shrubs, trees and tall plants shade each other and smaller plantings.