Creating a deer-proof garden can prove to be a challenge in most parts of the country. Deer will normally plow through anywhere between 7-15 lbs of green matter per animal, per day. This means that over a one-year period, one deer can work to clear nearly 25 acres.

Fencing is the best option to keep deer browse to a minimum; it can also be the most costly and inconvenient by obstructing views and requiring yearly maintenance. Deer repelling sprays are relatively new to the industry, and have been show to work, but require frequent reapplication. Sprays that have demonstrated the best results work by emitting a sulfur-like odor (similar to rotten-eggs) that the deer dislike as much as the gardener. This method can be both a nuisance, and costly over the life of the garden.

A strategy used by many gardeners is to plant deer resistant plants. This is not to say deer will not browse on these varieties, but for numerous reasons they are not as palatable as other plants. In times of vegetative stress, deer will consume almost anything in order to acquire the necessary calories required to survive.
Many plants offered by Heronswood are deer-resistant.