Heronswood Hellebores: The Finest Perennials for Your Garden

How to Care for your Heronswood Hellebores:

Try to plant your hellebores as soon as possible; they are very hardy and will have no problem acclimating to your growing area. Be sure to keep the soil moist to the touch if you do not transplant immediately. If you do plan on keeping your hellebores in their containers for any length of time, an ideal location to hold them is on the north side of your home where they will receive little to no sun. An unheated garage is also a good place. If you do not plan on planting for at least a week, consider heeling/trenching the plant into the north side of the garden. You’ll need to pay attention to the moisture, always keeping the root zone moist to the touch.

Where do I plant my hellebores?

Your hellebores should be planted in a partially shaded, moist site. If you are in an area that has hot summers, it is most important that the plants be shaded from the afternoon sun.

How do I plant my hellebores?

Dig a hole that is twice as wide and deep as the container the plant is in. Work this soil well and incorporate a balanced, slow-release fertilizer into the planting hole. Backfill the hole and set the plant even with ground level, firming the soil around it.

What should I do in order to have my hellebores increase in beauty from year to year?

The hellebore’s evergreen foliage begins growth early in the season, and may be cut to the ground in late fall before the new flower stems emerge. As the flowers fade and seed pods form, you should remove the flower stems to prevent seedlings from growing in the crown of your plant.

About Heronswood Hellebores:

If you have not tried hellebores in your garden, this is the perfect time.
Once planted only as oddities by connoisseurs, Hellebores or Lenten Roses as they are sometimes known, are fast becoming essentials in the garden. A ground cover of choice for shade and edge-of-the-woods gardens, hellebores are some of the best for deer-resistance, easy to grow and long-lived, staying evergreen and reliably attractive all season. Buds unfolding above ground are one of the earliest signs of spring. Flowers age slowly and keep a persistent display for up to five months. Blooms make excellent cut flowers, lasting up to two weeks. Hellebore flowers invite up-close curiosity, extravagant with fine details in pattern, color and form.

We have been enamored with hellebores for years. For over a decade, we have been collecting the very best plants from all over the world, intensely evaluating and breeding for exceptional garden traits. From hundreds of controlled pollinations and thousands of seedlings, we offer remarkable clonal selections.